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Peter Cumner D.Hyp. IAEBP
Peter Cumner,  Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst, at the Hypnotherapy & Analysis Centre, Botley.

Hello, and a warm welcome to my web site. If you suffer with Anxiety issues or stress, you are at the right place.

Hypno Analysis – sounds complicated, but its so very very straight forward. No gobbledygook, no fancy words to make the therapist look good, just a fantastic and successful way to get at anxiety issues and deal with them permanently, gone forever, never to come back.

I’m not here to help you live with your symptoms, go to your Doctor for that. I’m here to help you, to help yourself to get better, get your life back, have some fun and move forward. I have been in practice since 1992, and since then have held thousands of sessions at my centre, in Botley.

HYPNOANALYSIS is the most phenomenal technique at resolving anxiety issues, its simple, safe, effective and permanent.

About Hypnoanalysis

HYPNOANALYSIS is very different to the other therapies about, mainly because it gets results.

Generally about eight sessions will sort out most problems and then you are finished with it, leave it behind and have a good life.

Are you fed up with something inside you but outside your control, have you got determination, are you willing to put in the effort, then you can change, you can sort out your life.

My qualifications are;

  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis
  • Member of International Association of Hypnoanalysts
  • Clinical Supervisor
  • Dale Carnegie Courses; Effective Speaking and Human Relations

Attended seminars;

  • Hypnotherapy Masterclass
  • Successful Free-Association
  • Successful Hypno-Analysis
  • How to Effectively Assess, Engage and Motivate Clients

Pete Cumner has been in practice since 1992, trained under Neil French, and has undergone continued training ever since.

Maybe the most valuable qualification though is his experience.

He has experience of many thousands of sessions at the Hypnotherapy Centre, and has the same enthusiasm and commitment to his clients as he had in the beginning.

He has dealt with just about every Anxiety state problem there is, and can assist you with yours.

Not sure about Hypnotherapy? Just contact Pete for an initial no obligation chat and find out more about what’s involved and what would work best for your situation.

What others say about us

I have tried other forms of therapy but I had not tried Hypnotherapy so when I saw your web site and it seemed to cover so many of my issues, I decided to try and see if I could finally leave my past behind me.

It has proved to be life changing for me. I know it is early days but I know I have changed forever for the better. I know I will still have to deal with the day to day issues, which we all have, but I am so much more positive now.  It was not an  easy journey with you and at times, I felt shattered and yet, at the same time , rather relieved to be rid of my “baggage”. You were very firm with me, but dare I say, gentle and kind too. I did not feel judged by you and you were like a really special and understanding friend without being patronising so I want to say a big thank you and I am looking forward to my new future with lots of fun and laughter.

There is a way forward and a bright future ahead.

Before discovering Peter I had to struggle to make even the simplest of decisions which started effecting all parts of my life. I am so grateful to have Peter help me through my therapy and get myself back on track. I feel so much more confident in making choices no matter how big or small, it has completely changed my thinking, my life, and my future. Words cannot describe how powerful the therapy is. It’s tough, it takes some dedication, but when you feel you are at rock bottom there is nothing to lose, Peter’s approach is that of someone at the top of their game. I feel had I not have had Peter in the driving seat, I wouldn’t have got as much out of this therapy.

It works, just trust the process and Peter.

I had problems with my self esteem and was suffering from migraines and after sessions  with Peter I understood my behaviour and we improved my quality of life immeasurably.

“I suffered with Emetophibia all of my life, after meeting Peter Cumner, and having 9 sessions of Hypnoanalysis I can breath again, I had constant anxiety, within me, which has now gone. I am now a much calmer, confident parent, who isn’t constantly worrying about sickness.

I am so grateful to Pete Cumner for his kindness, patience and for changing my life.”

Thanks for the Social Phobia Therapy, things are settling down nicely now. I just find it amazing how the mind can bury things from the past and how deeply those hidden things can effect a person all through their lives if they are not addressed. As you know, before my Hypnotherapy I was in a complete state of panic at the thought of ‘going public’. But now I’m feeling a lot calmer at the prospect of book launches, parties, interviews, and speeches. Right now, I’m waiting for an important business call but I’m really not that worried about it – and just a while age I wouldn’t even pick up the phone when it rang.

Just nine sessions of Hypnoanalysis, remembering hidden experiences and a very talented therapist has completely transformed my life. I cannot recommend it enough.
Its as though I’ve been watching a movie for years and seeing all the characters enjoying a happy, loving and fulfilling life and thinking “Ah, but reality isn’t like that”.
I now think that, for me and my loved ones, it CAN be.

It’s taken too long to write to express my appreciation for everything you have helped me achieve since starting the sessions with you. When my friend told me about his experience of the Hypno-Analysis sessions, and his reasons for seeking them, I realised I was in a very similar place and that it might be just what I needed too. I was  noticing that I was taking a very negative view on things, but couldn’t explain why, I only knew that it wasn’t right. I was over-analysing and being too sensitive, searching for the causes of the problems and feeling resentment towards those closest to me for no real cause. You have helped me find the sources of my negativity and have made me realise that they are needless and counterproductive:  I really do believe that! I’m a much more confident and relaxed chap now, and I love my new perspective on life. I’m not nearly as highly strung or high maintenance, and I have overcome challenges so much more easily than I used to.

Life gives so much more now too: slowing down to enjoy the important things is what it’s all about. I’ve found a clearer view on things, I’ve stopped catastrophising and I continue to receive kind comments of recognition from friends and colleagues, and yes, even the mother-in-law! The most wonderful change of all, however, has to be the change in my relationship with my wife. We are so much closer now, I used to wind myself up about insignificant things that might happen and hold a grudge but that’s changed and I react very differently now. I’ve seen the balance in power in our relationship shift to become more equal, and it’s great.

There have been other changes that I didn’t expect to find at all. I’ve always had a problem with public speaking in front of large groups, and as a Director you’ll understand I have to do this quite a lot. I now feel much more confident when standing in front of a group and I care less what people think, and just get on with it. I realise now that if you over-think the worst outcome, you’ll end up thinking negatively and ironically end up making the worst outcome a lot more likely. I’ve stopped that, started thinking about the most likely outcome being much more positive. Guess what? The outcome’s are always much more positive too! It’s not all serious though: I caught myself the other day singing (rather loudly) with my 3yr old boy in the supermarket, and I just didn’t care because we were having fun!

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